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The LSPD efforts have payed off, since the new recruitment efforts we have observed a decline in small crimes such

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We are sworn to protect the safety of Los Santos citizens and to reduce the crime rates in Los Santos, We are also committed to track down criminal organizations and to protect the rights of minorities and individuals who are victims of crime, we are tempering LSPD to provide better services to the community of Los Santos.
Welcome to the Los Santos Police Department Official Website. This Website is dedicated to give insight to citizens of Los Santos in regards to crime and law enforcement, we are proud to announce our reopening in May 9 of 2012, where 200 new officers joined the task force of Los Santos police. In an annual effort to reduce crime, we have currently new positions for individuals interested in joining the police force, for more information you can click on the top menu in the "Recruitment" link. All other inquiries can be access through our main menu on the top.

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555-LSPD 247
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‚Äčas robberies and grand theft, but crimes of higher penalties have remained the same or increased very little. We have shared information with other federal enforcement entities such as the FIB and IAA to prevent terrorism and secure our borders. We have efficiently aided other federal entities in the capturing of most wanted criminals and the dissembling of gangs.

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