Obey and Survive
Our Purpose

Los Santos Police Department is committed to bring safety into Los Santos and its surrounding areas, clean the streets from crime, and provide security for the citizens of San Andreas. We are a federal organization of 300 deployed officers, ranging from patrolling officers, to highly organized intelligence directors, our board possesses the best trained and most competent officers highly trained to bring order and reduce crime.

The Los Santos Police Department is not a role playing crew, people who join the LSPD must be willing to perform like real police officers, and not just pretend they are police officers. We are different from other crews as we are the Biggest tactical team in Los Santos, being part of Los Santos Police partakes into big responsibilities.
Interested in a career position at the Los Santos Police Department?
The LSPD is actively recruiting by means of application, the first step to be admitted in the LSPD is to go here and apply for a position. We will interview you, so be sure to check your application regularly so you increase your chances of getting admitted in the LSPD. If your application is approved you will then be invited​ in the Social Club Profile to become a member. 

What do we look for when you apply?
- Seriousness
- Language abilities
- Obedience levels
- Minimum age requirements
- SD IQ Scores/Passing scores on entry level Quiz
- Other worthy skills
​​​​​​​What will you learn upon entering the LSPD?
- Proper use of our codes and tactics
- Skills management
- Crew management
-​​​​ Proper use of force
- Team Work
- Shooting and driving mechanics and abilities
- Organization
- Communication Skills​​

What will you earn upon entering the ranks?
- The ability to have a squad or own a squad
- A Team to always have your back
- A Superior Force that works in conjointment to allied crews​

What is the advantage of the LSPD over other crews?
- We are the largest organized tactical team, which works as a whole
- Different roles for different members
- More ranks than those given by regular Rockstar crews​​​​​

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